Southern California

Annual Guidelines


Club/Center Ongoing Responsibilities:

As new members are enrolled, send a copy of the USPC Participating Member Application with a check for regional dues to our treasurer:   Marge Plese   16360 Ellie Lane Poway, CA 92064

Yearly Regional Membership $40,  Long Year Membership (joining after September 1st for the remainder of the year and for the next year)  $50,  Late Fee $10 (assessed if Regional Membership payment is received or postmarked greater than 5 days after USPC National Membership becomes active). For all renewals, be sure to include the names of all members covered by each submitted regional dues payment.

As members are tested for new certification levels, submit the certification update form to USPC.

It is recommended that qualified examiners from outside of your club or center be employed to conduct all certifications above the D-1 level.  Our RICs can help to find suitable examiners and all certifications (even alternative progressions) must proceed in the order- HM, flat, then jumping.

Club/Center Annual Responsibilities:

DC or CA attends the meeting of the regional council held in the fall.  Each club or center is encouraged to host a rally or other regional activity to provide an abundance of opportunities for our members.  We also pledge to support regional and club/center hosted events by sending teams or members so that they can experience PC on a grander scale.   Additionally, we pledge to support regional fundraising for our Championship/Ambassador Fund.

Obtain Pony Club insurance for all mounted and unmounted meetings and upgraded insurance for any activity that includes non PC members. Insurance is obtained online through USPC and remember to send an email to the RS when this has been completed.

Send Calendar of Pony Club Instruction to our RIC to ensure that we are all delivering the PC curriculum that our members signed up to receive.

Responsibility to the IRS is of utmost importance.   Non-profit clubs must submit 990-N postcard by May 15th and 1099s must be provided to instructors/employees earning more than $500 by January 31st for both clubs and centers.